Well if you’re reading this. You might as well know a thing or two about the person whose blog this is. I’m Perla. I’m an LVN (which is short for a very long word) basically I’m a nurse. I’m 20 years old currently living in California. I listen to a lot of pop punk I guess whatever you call it. Mostly ADTR, the Story So far, Man overboard, Brand New, La Dispute, Neck Deep, Real Friends, Blink 182, Transit, Silverstein, & the Wonder Years. I’m an obsessed cat person at heart but sadly stuck with 6 wonderful dogs. My blog ranges from cute dogs and can drastically change to people having sex and then change back to a lovely sunset. I’m literally one of the nicest persons you’ll ever talk to, but I can also be an asshole whenever I want to. I do not have a single clue about what my blog is about so you might as well just follow me.
 Storm Trooper(s)